The Most Expensive Boarding School in the World

It is a charmed life to say the least for those who have & do attend the elite Swiss Institut Le Rosey, the most expensive boarding school in the world. With an annual $120,000 price tag the school claims money is not the focus for those who attend, but rater privilege? What is the difference you may ask? 

The 135 year old boarding school offers a wide selection of luxurious amenities that are more reminiscent of a five star resort than an educational complex. Students gain access to technologically advanced classrooms and gyms in addition to a shooting range, concert hall which seats 1,000 & a gorgeous equestrian center complete with at least 30 horses at any given time. Then when it comes time to ‘relax’ students can embark on the 40 yacht complete with spa, which holds court on Lake Geneva.

Starting to see the allure of the oldest & largest boarding school in Switzerland? As does everyone else, which is why wealth alone does not guarantee access to this exclusive educational enclave as there is quite a rigorous application process. With a flashy list of alumni that reads more like a who’s who of European aristocracy from yesteryear the picture is becoming clearer. Monaco’s Prince Rainer, Egypt’s King Farouk, King Juan Carlos I of Spain, Prince Edward, Elizabeth Taylor’s children, former CIA Director Richard Helms, Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan all attended.

The selection process only admits about one in three applicants with about 400 candidates selected each year. Hailing from over 60 countries with no nation alone having more than 10 percent of the population. All the students live as boarders of the Institute and may return home to their families during school holidays. With such a culturally diverse student populations students can take subjects in either English or French & still required to learned up to three additional languages.

During winter term the students are hosted in Gstaad, with lessons finishing up around lunchtime, while in spring and autumn students are in the Château du Rosey campus in the village of Rolle on the shores of Lake Geneva.

The students are housed in one of the 179 bedrooms comprised of one to three beds with ensuite bathrooms. The social lounges include games rooms, music rooms, business center & study halls. The main library also contains a theatre. For those who prefer outdoors, there are 10 tennis courts, 25m pool, wellness center & eight hole gold course.

With many of those attending use to securities details & life behind secured gates you can imagine safety is of the utmost concern. The campuses are protected by guards & state of the art surveillance systems. Anyone who is injured or falls ill has a dedicated team at the on campus medical center.

In case you were wondering, the most expensive boarding school in the US is Brandon Hall in Atlanta Georgia which seems like a steal at only $62,000 annually, half the cost of Institut de Rosey.