Expert Beauty Tips To Elevate your Memorial Day Weekend & Summer

Our friend & Beauty Expert, Diana Perkovic shares her beauty tips for Memorial Day Weekend & Summer. She always has the most helpful information when it comes to beauty, fashion & lifestyle and now for whereever your Memorial Day Weekend or Summer Travels take you. To learn more about her, visit Diana Perkovic's Blog

"There’s something about the first long weekend of summer! It just feels so good. And as we hit the pool, beach, BBQ’s and other summertime outdoor favorite activities, we want to look our best. Here are a few beauty tips for the official kickoff to summer: Memorial Day Weekend." - Diana

The Great Outdoors

1. SPF - My all time favorite SPF is SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense, in universal tint. Living in Florida, I have tried them all. Some will leave you breaking-out like a teenager, while others leave a film so thick, your make-up cannot adhere to your skin. This one is perfect.

Caroline Salvia @NTA Models Photo Credit    ANDREEA RADUTOIU PHOTOGRAPHY

Caroline Salvia @NTA Models Photo Credit ANDREEA RADUTOIU PHOTOGRAPHY

2. Hat - I am in LA for the long weekend without my broad-rimmed hat. So yesterday I become a Maxinista and bought one at TJ Maxx. If you’re outside, you need a hat. Full stop. Non- negotiable.

3. Hair Treatment - If you’re headed to the beach or pool, you must try my beach hair ritual. Wash your hair before you leave, and apply a heavy dose of deep conditioner. Tie your hair in a low knot, and wear that hat. If you are the type of gal who enters the ocean/lake/pool full body (head and hair included), you’ll have enough deep conditioner to sustain several swims. When you get out, spray your hair with a detangler (I love Oscar Blandi’s Protein Mist), comb, add a little more deep conditioner to your ends (bottom inch) and re-knot. My all time favorite hair treatments are Oscar Blandi’s Marine Mud and Carol’s Daughter’s Minoi.


1. “I may not travel light, but I sure do travel right.” I have said this countless times! And I
will continue to travel with all of my beauty comforts with me. I’m sorry guys, but part of the reason women’s suitcases are bigger/heavier than yours is because of the beauty products! Take what you need with you!!

2. Skin Care - Take it all. If you use it daily, it goes with you.

3. Hair - If you’re headed out for Memorial Day Weekend and it isn’t a beach-type trip, have
your hair professionally blown out the day you leave. This will ensure fab hair all weekend and you don’t need to pack most of your hair products. Your weekender bag suddenly seems possible.

4. Make-Up - I am the absolute worst for packing make-up. When I reach my destination, I inevitably wonder “where am I going with all of this?? I hardly wear any in real life anyways...” So, I have learned by trial and error that the following is the best course of action. Take neutral eye colors, browns and greys. They can be natural or smokey, blend with pink or orange based cheeks/lips. Take a bright lip, a neutral lip and have fun!!


1. At-Home-Spa - Take this opportunity to pamper yourself! One of my favorite at-home-spa
treatments is to exfoliate...the body. You can find very inexpensive face exfoliators in the drugstore. Buy one and use it on the body before you enter the bath. Really take your time and exfoliate, while drawing your bath, which must contain Epsom Salts. When you get out, add a generous amount of olive oil to your body butter. Put on your PJ’s, a thick pair of socks, and wake up the next day amazed at how incredible your skin looks and feels. Next night: self tanner. (Tan Towel is my all time favorite!) Your skin is perfectly exfoliated and hydrated.

2. Mask - Take 15 minutes to apply a Mask. We don’t do it enough and it shows. A few favorites of mine are Serious Skin Care’s Glycol Gommage and Boscia’s Peel Off Black and White Masks.

3. Rest - Take one day to yourself and rest. I mean really rest. What makes you feel relaxed? A movie? Book? A nap? Take a day with no ‘to-do’s’, no emails, no obligations. You’ll look and feel better for it. You’ll return to work Tuesday and have them wondering, “What the heck did she do over the weekend?”

"Wether you’re traveling, staying home or entertaining this weekend, take your most beautiful self with you! And if that means someone comments on your oversized weekend luggage, so be it! Just tell them, “I may not travel light but I sure do travel right.” It’s all in the delivery girls....D xx"