Looking to add something to your beach bag in the form of fun reading? Or maybe you are thinking of doing an informal book club. Whatever your reason for reading might be, here is the Days of the Chic Summer Reading List for Best Books of Summer 2015. To make it a little more fun, we made some fun predictions for which of our favorite chic celebs are reading which summer hit. Enjoy & Happy Reading. 

Rihanna - The Santangelos, Jackie Collins

The Book - Mega Seller Jackie Collins is back with the page turner of the summer. The Santangelos follows the violent & sexual escapades of an prominent Italian family. in Beverly Hills. We catch up with them as their daughter’s model career is catapulting her to “It Girl” status, while their son is being set up for a murder he didn’t commit. Filled with plenty of vibrant characters like drug fueled Colombian night club owners & filthy rich Middle Eastern oil magnets you better believe there is plenty of bad blood to go around. The books tagline reads true every second, "Never fuck with a Santangelo!" Buy The Santangelos Now!

Why Rihanna's Probably Reading It - This book reads like a Rihanna music video, it is almost like Jackie plucked her from on of the pages of her novels. Rihanna is a Santangelo at heart, in fact you can read the Book and replace Rihanna with Santangelo & it probably makes sense in every instance. "Bitch Better Have My Money," Rihanna's summer hit, would totally be the soundtrack if this was made into a movie.

Who Will Love It -  Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & Bravo shows.

Why you will love it too - Jackie Collins never disappoints. With over 30 New York Times Bestsellers under her belt & 500 million books sold, she is an author you do not have to think twice about investing in. While these sort of gauche tales could be in poor taste, Mrs. Collins is lives in Beverly Hills. It has been said that she has chronicled the lives of the rich & famous with "devastating accuracy." Read Reviews of The Santangelos

Kris Jenner - Down the Rabbit Hole, Holly Madison

The Book - In this shocking, never before told story, you enter the wild world inside the iconic Playboy Mansion. The memoir of Hugh Hefner’s former number one girlfriend reads more like an exposé. From her early years in a small Oregon town as Holly Sue Cullen to her Girls Next Door Transformation into Holly Madison, her journey was apparently not a fairy tale as the title’s Alice in Wonderland allusion might lead you to believe. Buy Down The Rabbit Hole Here

Kris' Konnection? This has Kris written all over it, I am sure she has been down a hole or two in her time. In fact, if she met Bruce and later she may have been blonde and a small D. Kris no doubt spent her fair share of summer evenings at the Playboy Mansion, eager to sit on Hef's lap like a Santa at her local mall at Christmas time. Whether they intersected or not, her own self importance will peak her curiosity enough to see if there are any tangental or obscure mentions of her or her known associates.

Who will love it? E! Watchers, Kardashian Worshippers & those looking to "get ahead."

Why you should read it - Holly is hitting below the belt, which is the gift that will keep giving. Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so retaliatory interviews, leaked documents & a revenge book are bound to ensue. Ultimately, she broke the bunny-code. After all, isn't the Mansion like some sort of cult sanctuary where you would naively make a deal with the devil & some sort of blood oath to naively pledge (against) any values you (could) have had to get ahead. You make those mistakes - I mean decisions in college (for a lot less upside) and I don't know anyone who sold their sorority out like that, or at least in such a culpable way. Read the reviews

Gwyneth Paltrow - Clean Gut, Alejandro Junger

The Book - In Clean Gut, Dr. Alejandro Junger, New York Times bestselling author provides a follow up to his super successful Clean & Clean Program to deliver  a comprehensive guide for promoting & sustaining life long health. In the book he discusses today’s most diagnosed ailments, injuries & irritations & how the stem from The Gut. Buy Clean Gut Now!

Why Gwyneth is reading it? Because she cannot be seen for the 100th time reading her own lifestyle & wellness book It's all GOOD, (PLEASE take a minute to read the reviews, especially the one & two star reviews and have you laugh for the day) Gwyneth & her insufferable quest to live a perfect life & taunt us with its attainability, when in reality it is easier said than down.  

Who will love it? Juice bar denizens, Namastayers & Vegans. 

Why it is REALLY worth the read. Whether you are suffering from an array of disorders, weak libido, life threatening illness like heart disease & cancer or life distractions like insomnia or those few pesky pounds you want to shed, this book is designed to help you naturally heal your body. No matter the current state of your health a truly fascinating read. Read Reviews of Clean Gut here

Jennifer Lopez - Grey, E.L. James

The Book - Same script different cast? Not entirely. It's the 50 Shades of Grey book as told through the eyes of Christian Grey. Buy Grey Now!

Why JLo could be reading it - It's the sexy book of someone and who is sexier than JLo? Plus after we all saw her ecstasy face in guilty pleasure The Book Next Door, I have a feeling JLo can indulge in a trashy romance novel here & there, otherwise it was just REALLY good acting.

Who Will Love It - Moms & Your Co-Worker.

Why You Should Read It - If you do not like to miss a movement it would be wise to pick up a copy. If you did not love 50 Shades that perhaps the male POV will add a layer. Read Reviews for Grey by E L James here.

Beyoncé - The 22-Day Revolution, Marco Borges

The Book - A play on the principle it takes 21 days to break a habit & 21 days to make a habit, The 22-Day Revolution touts a plant based diet, a non scary way of saying “Vegan.” The book is designed to empower the reader to achieve a healthier lifestyle & form life lasting habits to eliminate certain health concerns. Buy The 22-Day Revolution Now!

Why Beyoncé is reading it - She's not really, but after sending waves through the Bey-hive, what you call the Beyoncé-sphere, with her ground breaking GMA announcement that she was going vegan & endorsing friend Marco Borges 22-Day plan, she needs to show her support. Someone from her team even wrote the foreword to the book & signed her name. Whether she reads it or not, you will likely see if in the background of one of her instagram post in the near future as a discrete product placement.

Who will love it - Beyoncé devotees, Brides to Be, Friends who drink their calories in the summer.

Why you should read it - In a similar but way less preachy manner of Gwyneth reading Clean Gut, the 22-Day revolution offers motivating strategies along with practical tips & recipes to in addition to a comprehensive 22 day meal plan. A turn key solution that saves you time by taking the guess work out of your next 22 days. Read Reviews & Results of The 22-Day Revolution here

Martha Stewart - Elon Musk, Ashlee Vance

The Book - The life & times of Global Technology powerhouse, inventor & entrepueneur is chronicled by veteran technology journalist Ahslee Vance in this detailed account of his sensational life, from Silicon Valley and even traces back to his rough beginnings in South Africa. Buy your copy of Elon Musk Now!

Why Martha is reading - Ever the over achiever, Martha is actually reading or has read everything on this list, probably in English & Mandarin. Coming off the recent sale of her media & branding empire, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for $353 Million last month, Martha likely has her sights set on larger, more lucrative investments. Also in her sights: seats at various companies' coveted Board of Directors. Forbes is currently ranking her network at just under a billion, a few good days in the stock mark she will be in the Billionaire's club, joining musk who is valued at $11.9 Billion. If its to increase her shrewd business acumen or read up on her peers & aquatainces, she is all in on this book, and probably taking well organized notes on this beautiful Martha Stewart Stationary.

Who will love it - Investors, Analysts, Business Minded, but also the general public. 

Why you need to read it - Vance was given exclusive access, to Mr. Musk, his family & over 300 of his known associates, including 30 overs of one on one time with Mr. Musk himself. You will be treated to his tumultuous journey from PayPal to Telsa & SpaceX & Solar City. You will share in his triumphs & controversies, and even hear about enemies made along the way. Read the Reviews for Elon Musk here. 

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck - The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman

The Book - A book that reminds you about the basics of love & life that we all take for granted or forget when life just gets too busy & “you can’t even.” Save Your Relationship! Buy The Five Love Languages Now!

Why They should have been reading it - Isn't that one obvious...

Who Will Love It - No one, or at least not publicly. This is probably a digital download, so no one sees the cover when you are reading it OR you wrap an Us Weekly around it and pretend you are just reading a magazine.

Why you should read it - While the fundamentals of the book are basic & almost too obvious, it offers help without gimmicks & psychoanalyzing your life. Read Reviews for The Five Love Languages Here.

Channing Tatum - American Sniper, Chris Kyle

The Book - The Movie which won six Academy Awards, loved by critics & viewers alike was a book first. The autobiographical tale details Chris Kyle’s tenure as the most lethal Sniper in American military history from 1999-2009. Buy American Sniper Book Now!

The reason Channing is reading it - I mean maybe he isn't. But wouldn't he have made an equally as hot sniper as Bradley Cooper. If only more of the shirtless-ness of Magic Mike was brought to this film...

Who Will Love It - People who use the word Murica/Merica & Those who loved the movie.

Why You Should Read It - Readers will experience detailed first person passages and personal confessions from his wife Taya who speaks openly about the struggles & effects of war on the family. Insightful & powerful making it one of the most moving war memoirs of our time.  Read Reviews of American Sniper The Book here.

Angelina Jolie & Amal Clooney - I Am Malala, Malala Yousafzai

The Book - I Am Malala is a courageous tale of a family, thrown into chaos by global terrorism. The fight for girls education takes center stage with Malala’s father a school owner, encouraging his daughter to write, read & attend school in a society that typically honors only sons. When the Taliban seizes control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, Malala & her family pay the ultimate price for their beliefs when she is shot at point blank range, but not only miraculously survives, but thrives. Buy I Am Malala Here.

Why They are reading it - Angie a longtime special envoy to the UN personally donated $200,000 to the Malala Fund, which supports girls education. Amal who has been struggling to connect with Angie since nuptials to George Clooney, may be reading this to seek common ground in the even they have a run in at Lake Como this summer. However, the rivalry is real. Angie is probably reading it to remind Amal she's the real player in human rights & has personal connection to Malala. Sorry Amal. 

Who Will Love it - Bibliophiles, Pacifists, Feminist & Anyone with a Heart

Why You Need to Read This! Instead of becoming a statistic or victim, Malala's miraculous journey takes her from a remote valley in Pakistan to the Halls of the UN. She is the youngest nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize & has become a modern symbol for peaceful protest. Read the Reviews of I Am Malala.

Gigi Hadid - Primates of Park Avenue, Wednesday Martin

The Book - This is a witty & brilliant memoir of one women’s descent into the most secretive & elite tribe of Upper East Siders. The author draws on her background in anthropology & primatology to discuss the new world of snobbery she had landed in where she struggles to fit at first. Buy The Primates of Park Avenue Now.

Why Gigi is reading it - While she may come from one of the richest & chicest blended families, Gigi is a ground girl & would see the humor in Martin's self discovery. Having mastered her own Upper East upbringing in Malibu, Gigi has become a world class model & runs in her own elite circles & the Upper East Side of every destination. But she seems "normal" through it all.

Who Will Love - Everyone. 

Why you will love it - The will remind you that every city has its Upper East Side complete with its  odd cultural codes & social hierarchies. They will also realize that these “UES” mothers want the same for their children that all mothers want: safety, happiness & success, and not necessarily materially. Something we can all understand. Read Reviews of Primates of Park Avenue here.


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