For many of us, summer is the official kick off to beach weather, barbeques and vacation time. But to the rest of us, summer is also the official kick off to the dreaded WEDDING SEASON! 

For months you have been staring at that invitation that came in the mail and have been debating on whether or not you dared to attend. Let’s face it, attending a wedding regardless if you are part of the wedding party or not is pretty stressful. 

From what you will wear to who you will bring, attending a wedding takes a little bit of strategy to pull it off successfully!  We enlisted David Cruz, relationship expert & founder of; you may also recognize him from Bravo's The Millionaire Matchmaker. We asked a few of our readers to send in their questions about wedding season dillemas in hopes that my advice can help you all along the way! 

Check it out below and I hope you enjoy this very special edition of Ask David: Wedding Addition!

Dear David
I was invited to a friend’s wedding but my girlfriend was not addressed on the invitation and I know this is not a plus one situation. I have dated my girlfriend for a year and she has met my friend getting married only a couple of times. She is upset that I want to attend the wedding without her because she thinks it is a "couple’s thing"

First of all, she needs to CALM DOWN!  Rules are rules and if there is no plus one, there is simply is no additional guest that can be added. She needs to understand that this is not an attack on her, her character or your relationship. Hell, this isn’t about her at all, this is about what the wedding party can accommodate. The honest truth behind this is that certain weddings have small budgets and any engaged couple will tell you that you shouldn’t take it personal.  This is simply about what they can afford. If Great Aunt Edna croaks before the nuptials, I’m sure they will consider reaching out to the B List to invite more people. Hopefully she’s on that list. 

I am single and attending a wedding, which I have been told will be full of other attractive, eligible singles. What are the great ways to get a date out of the situation?
I always tell people come prepared and BEHAVE! If you have business cards, stock your wallet because wedding are the perfect place to network and make great first impressions. But beware, as amazing as the pool of singles may be, making a fool of yourself might ruin whatever chance you may have with any potential love interest. Do you really think the drunken fool wins the race? Nope. Be the charming single of mystery and reconnect after the wedding. Everyone will take note of the charmer.

I am attending a wedding with my boyfriend but I am in the wedding. The bride has given the wedding party a heads up that dates will be sitting separately, although some of the other bridesmaids have boyfriends who are groomsmen. He does not know this group or really anyone attending. Should I give him the out not to attend? Will this make us look bad? Or how can I better include him?
A good question as we always want to make our significant other feel comfortable. Depending on how outgoing or shy your man is, use that as a gauge on how he will react to flying solo for a night. If you are part of the wedding party you will tugged and pulled all night in different directions and let’s face it- the bride will want you to be by her side until the end of the night! 
If your man can’t fly solo, give him the out. There is honor in not forcing someone to tag along, get dressed and be left to their own defenses all night. Nobody will think any less of you and I am sure your BF will just fine at home have a guy’s night alone. 

I have not seen my ex in over a year and we are attending a wedding we were both invited to while we were still together. It did not end well. Do I approach him first? How do I handle the night?
Well this is a doozy. My question would be to first ask yourself if you really need to go to this wedding. Because my first instinct would be to send a gift with a lovely card. That’s the mature thing to do. Making a scene at someone’s wedding is NOT COOL. So if you think there will be drama, stay home! If you are a masochist and insist on going, do not under any circumstances approach him. (Refer to my last sentence as to why.) If he has allowed the past to be the past, he will approach you to say hello. Keep it short and sweet if he does. (Again, refer to that sentence about drama one more time.) 

My wife & I have been invited to my ex-wife’s wedding. We divorced almost 4 years ago and I have been remarried for 5 months. My wife is really against going, but I would like to attend. 
There is absolutely no reason for you to be there. Sure you may be great friends and sure, somewhere in your sick little head you think it’s great that you and your ex-wife are so cool. But here’s the thing, the past has a funny way of messing up your future. Your current wife is clearly not comfortable with this, and respectfully so. If she invited you to watch the birth of her child would you go too? Leave your past where it is and concentrate on the present. 

I am invited to a wedding and was given a plus one. Most of my friends are in relationships but I am not? The wedding is a few months away and I would like to bring a date. What should I do?
Definitely bring a date if you can. Whether it’s a special someone that you have been eyeing, a best friend or even your gay BFF (which, let’s be honest, always make the best dates) take someone to have a good time! That’s the point right? You are there to celebrate someone getting married… Eat, Drink and be married!