The Worst Dressed Met Gala 2015

When it is good at the Met Gala it is GOOD. And, when it is bad, it is down right awful. Were you as shocked as me to see some big names in fashion show up as such big disappointments? Take a look at some of the biggest WTF moments at The Met Gala 2015.

Grace Coddington - Micahel Kors

Isn’t she suppose to be fashion elite? She could have saved Michael Kors the effort and picked up a pair of Pajamas from TJ Maxx.

Dylan Lauren - Ralph Lauren

Again she is from a fashion family, how does this happen? This dress looks like a losing look from the Project Runway Unconventional challenge where the designer raided her candy store and hot glued everything onto the top of the dress.

Anne Hathaway - Ralph Lauren

I know a lot of people were saying May the 4th be with you, but we were all against you and your hood. It is pretty reminiscent of Obi Wan Kenobi. Two strikes in one night Ralph Lauren. Also this just reinforces that sometimes I wish movies were real life and that someone would leave Anne Hathaway on a remote planet alone, like in Interstellar. 

Kris Jenner - Balmain

Kris you look absolutely ridiculous. It's a shame because it was really her last shot. We are all eagerly awaiting Bruce to upstage her at the next Met Gala.

Donatella - Versace

Donatella is the text book example of Mom who takes care of all her children and leaves herself for last. Exhibit A: She dressed Jennifer Lopez who looks amazing in Versace. Someone needs to mother Donatella it is not okay.


This really pissed me off. It seems like a sell out that she was a walking advertisement for H&M. The head dress didn’t work two years ago for the punk theme and it certainly didn’t work this year. What has happened to you SJP? The Heat Miser look is bad.

Sophia Vergara - Marchesa

I feel like Sophia is lazy. Is it a perfectly fine dress? Yes. But it is so expected and not interesting. I feel like this was one of her B dresses when she went wedding dress shopping. I really fail to see why she or this dress is relevant at a fashion event.

Oliva Wilde - Prada

Usually love her on the red carpet. I am more confused about why Prada would send two pink dresses to the Met Gala. This one failed by far. And the grey gloves? Why?

Solange - Giles Deacon

Is this dress meant to be some sort of defensive shield incase of any altercations tonight? Last year you acted like a fool at the Met Gala and this year you look like one. 

Chloë Sevigny - JW Anderson

What happened here? Is this a reenactment or dramatization of Kim Richard’s recent, drunken arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It’s how it looked in my head, just as messy.

Katie Holmes - Zac Posen

I cannot get over her Anna Winter wig. It’s a little too single white female for me. Awkward.

Zendaya - Fausto Puglisi

Do you think you have immunity after the fashion police fall out? Not so fast Zendaya. All you are missing is a the baton and you could grand marshall the the worst dressed parade right off the red carpet.