Red Carpet Review - The Billboard Music Awards

The 2015 Billboard Music Awards was a great way to end the weekend, some of our favorite stars, with some highly anticipated performances and of course a red carpet. I did not see too many surprises on the red carpet last night. My favorites were consistent standouts. We saw a lot of repetition of designers, which is good news if you are Balmain who had several winning looks. Perfect timing for the announcement of the H&M collaboration. However, the repetition was not so good news for Fausto Puglisi who had two the least successful looks on our round up. Let's take a look & see.

Jennifer Lopez - Charbel Zoe 

Jennifer Lopez is reminding us all (like we ever forget Jen) that she looks gorgeous. I know there are plenty of naysayers who want to see something different from her but she is gorgeous here. The BBMAs are a party this look is perfect for a red carpet of this nature. Her showgirl-esque look is fitting as she just announced a major Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood.

Taylor Swift - Balmain

Taylor was winning last night. She cleaned house winning virtually everything but she also won the red carpet with this fabulous Balmain White jumpsuit with sexy cutouts or as she probably called them Blankspaces.

Mariah Carey - Tom Ford

I love this Tom Ford on Mariah. I see Vegas is treating her well, she looks happy & healthy. Would some consider this too serious of a dress for the BBMA? Maybe, but Mariah was on hand as almost a default hostess of Vegas as she just kicked off her residency at Vegas to rave reviews. The cutouts & mesh are sexy but sophisticated. Well done Mariah,

Britney Spears Yousef Al Jasmi

Britney has been doing so well as of lately. Fans have been cheering her on in Vegas for some time now. She also just dropped her new single Pretty Girls with Iggy Azalea. Unfortunately, I do to think pretty is enough her. While this beige beaded is perfectly fine its just that beige & boring. Or maybe she just looks bored?

Chrissy Teigen - Balmain

This Balmain jumpsuit is as loud and shocking as Chrissy Teigen herself. And that is okay with me. I think it is fun & sexy and the perfect way to arrive the show you are hosting. Clearly she knows what tonight is about.

Meghan Trainor Badgley Mischka

She looks gorgeous. Elegant. Formal. However, are those really the things you think of when you are dressing for the BBMAs? Know while I do not expect everyone to do a JLo, I do appreciate some understanding that you are in Vegas at a Music awards show. Covering yourself in sequins was not enough for me. You look great Meghan Trainor but for a different event.

Kylie Jenner - Balmain

At first she looks a bit confined. The dress appears to be made of a leather or thick material. The horizontal lines add to the constricted feeling, as does the belt. However, with that said she looks alright. A little rock a lot glam. 

Rita Ora - Fausto Puglisi

I could have been okay with this if.... always the start of a winning look. I the sunbursts look cheap which is a shame because she is gorgeous, hair & make up could have really been the focus of this sexy white dress. Unfortunately, gilding the lily and it just reads tacky.

Jourdan Dunn - Balmain

Walking the red carpet with Kendall Jenner pictured below. Both clad in Balmain... pushing the H&M collaboration hard, but who is going to complain with sponsors plastered on the step & repeat behind all the stars. She looks fun, young & ready to party. But most importantly she really looks different from everyone else.  

Kendal Jenner - Balmain

Of course Kendall the it model of the moment looked glam & chic in Balmain. But was the styling too serious for this event. For me it is all about how it comes together and I feel like while everything is perfect & gorgeous, this is reading a little too serious for the BBMA. A sexy heel may have broken up the look and shown some of her signature legs.

Laverne Cox - Marc Bouwer

Good for Laverne. She had her fashion game on for a change. She can be a notorious target of the critics, but this dress shows off her figure nicely. It's right for the occasion and the remix she did with the hair I am lovely. Laverne has a big personality, it is nice to see her sleeker side. 

Giuliana Rancic - Mugler

Giuliana kept it cool in black. Simplicity chic. I love how this Mulger gown just hugs her enough, but not too much to have us all questioning her health with another scary skinny red carpet. She has fun with the accessories, which she should in a simple dress. She can even splurge on an an ornate earring & let her hands drip with rings. 

Zendaya - Fausto Puglisi

I really think, at this point, she is just desperate for the attention... good or bad. After the fashion police controversy from last award season, maybe she is just taunting someone to pick the low hanging fruit. I hope no one takes the bait. It is just hideous. Too bad, she is a gorgeous girl, AND if anyone could please leave a comment and let me know why is is relevant or what she has been in... that would be a great help.