Chic, Easy & Affordable Ways to Prepare Your Beach Body

We are six weeks out from Summer! With Spring Break, Memorial Day and summer retreats to the Hamptons right around the corner, we've been counting down our go-to tips for totally chic beach-ready bodies.


With each year’s new beginning comes a new beginning for each of us - by us, we mean our diets, of course! And no, this absolutely does not mean depriving yourself until you can securely return to your winter uniform-- leggings & oversized sweaters. 

Instead, Cooking Light put together a fabulous guide to Spring Cleaning Your Diet. We love power punching our meals with extra greens, beet salads and an apricot snack to push through the 3 o’clock hour. Fabulous we feel; hungry we are not!

Perhaps the chicest thing about this guide is it doesn’t mean Whole Foods, Whole Paycheck. By aligning your beach body diet with seasonal goodness, eating clean can totally help you save for that chic getaway you’ve been meaning to plan. Tres chic if we do say so ourselves!


If you think we’re talking about fake and bake, or even a real bake – in the famous words of Beverly Hill’s darling Cher Horowitz, “AS IF!” We love to catch our glow a safe & healthy way, especially with the advancement of spray tans.

Nothing kills the vibe of your chic new bikini/kimono combo like a complexion out of sorts.  Whether you are pale or dark skinned, an even clear skin is the best beach accessory. Opt in for a spray tan to get a chic glow without a pesky wrinkle or damaging ray touching your flawless face. Consider BB body lotions to even out skin tones or marks on legs, arms & back. 

In the same vein of eating clean, this doesn’t mean investing a small fortune in a RHOC-style-at-home professional to spray-sculpt you into perfection. Instead, turn to your neighborhood salon, or a vetted at-home option (thanks Harper's Bazaar) for a fraction of the cost. In no time you’ll be hitting the beach, pool or sliding into your favorite bikini looking and feeling your absolute best.


It's something about the warmer weather and longer days, but we just can’t keep still. And for that - our bikini body thanks us! Nothing makes you 'sparkle' like getting physical and sweating!

Of course we wish we could pull a Gwyneth, JLO or Madonna and have Tracy Anderson on speed dial whipping us into enviable form. But for most of us extra $18,000 is hard to come by for two months of bikini-bod training. 

Looking like a million dollars doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Instead turning to daily at home (Tone It UP) or in the gym workout plans. Substitute ‘Thirsty Thursday’ at the wine bar with a walk and workout instead alongside your bestie. After all, if you’re chic enough to be working on your beach bod, we know she is too!


With your skin glowing from the inside out, and your body snatched, the only thing left for a to do is coordinate polish and pool attire. 

Nothing says bring on the heat like a chic mani/pedi combo for the first days of summer and sandals. Ladies & Gentlemen, think of the lasting impression you will make when you are buffed or polished to perfect when you go barefoot your first beach or pool weekend. Our nails have probably been well kept throughout the winter months – let’s face it, that Madmen-inspired red polish was the only thing that got us through snowpacolyse I & II. That being said, our toes have been longing for the days of bright colors.

This summer when it comes to transforming your winter body to beach god(dess) it doesn’t mean starving, baking, sweating or primping to the nines. It means taking care of yourself, allowing for a little pampering and most of all, it means being confident 

After all confidence is the chicest accessory of all.  Either way, we hope these go-to tips and tricks will help you get excited for warmer weather, umbrella drinks and weekend escapes to lands near and far.