First thing is first. How many times have you stood in front of your closet saying "I have nothing to wear!" yet your closet is bursting at the seams. The Spring or any transitional season is the perfect time to take inventory & get rid of what you do not need anymore.

Purge - Ask yourself: Do I wear it? Does it fit? What is the condition?

Once those questions have been addressed you can begin purging. I like to work by separating clothing into these piles Sell. Donate, Give. Trash. Dress for Success is one of my favorite charities which helps woman seeking professional attire who are returning to the workplace. This a a fabulous place to donate good condition, professional clothing. Consider Giving other styles to friends or family. If you are a fashionista and have some higher end items, you may be able to sell these at your local consignment shop, on eBay or new services like TheRealReal

Actually Clean - Now that the contents are emptied you can really get in there & clean your closet & draws. Get all the dust, & clutter that has accumulated away from your clothing. Wipe down the walls, selves & floors. Depending on what part of the country or world you live in look for evidence of pests or signs of climate effects like humidity. 

Dry Clean - Items that will be hibernating in the back of your closet or in storage for the appropriate season should be dry cleaned & stored so they are ready for next year. Invest in climate resistant garment bags to preserve & keep clothing fresh & ready for next seasons wear. Also how many times have you had that last minute trip outside of your seasons climate where you need a garment in a pinch - so have it ready. There are many affordable options available at The Container Store.

Drawer Liners - For the inner Martha Stewart in you consider buying scented drawer liners. This delicate scented paper sheets can add a fresh infusion to drawers. Millefiori Scented Drawer Liners are my go to, and make a fabulous hostess gift, #notetoself. They are also great to add to stored items even in garment bags. An accessible alternative can be a dryer sheet if you find one with the same delicateness.

Refold & Reorder - Now that everything is fresh & clean keep it that way. By neatly folding your clothing it will help you visually assess your wardrobe. You will also be surprised how much more clothing you can fit in your closet when you have things folded properly. For instance, think of your suitcase at the end of a long trip. Have you ever just thrown all your dirty clothes in? Folding saves space & just looks better. Invest in this folding board from crate & barrel

Identify Your Color Story - Now that you have all that work out of the way, the fun part. Flip through your glossy magazines and thumb over a few of your favorite fashion influencers to get an idea for your color story for the Spring or new season. You will have a much better lay of the land now that you have a proper inventory of what you have, what you want and how it will work together.