18 of Mariah Carey's #1 Moments to Celebrate Her 45th Birthday

It is Mariah Carey’s Birthday today. Celebrating her 45 fabulous years we quickly realized Mariah has had more memorable, fabulous & diva chic moments then we could honor. Aside from her countless commercial accomplishments, Mariah Carey has won five Grammy Awards, 19 World Music Awards, 11 American Music Awards, and 31 Billboard Music Awards. Along with her recently publicized Las Vegas Residency: Mariah Carey #1s, a compilation of her chart top singles, we wanted to celebrate 18 additional moments that remind us she is MC & she want stop. 

Stage Presence - Mariah never really tried to compete with choreography or dance tricks, she let her music & voice speak for itself by instead treating us to performance after performance of costume changes & a gown anthology which would take a lifetime to catalog.

Mariah & HSN - In addition to her incomprable vocal accomplishments Mariah is a commercial success with a net worth well on the way to billionaire status thanks to financial diversity like her successful perfumes & HSN line. MC = Mariah Carey or Mogul Chic?

Versace Gown Subway - Who wasn’t inspired to glam up his or her morning commute after Mariah famously rode the subway one stop in an Atelier Versace Gown?

Mariah’s Got Baggage - Over the years she has grace the cover of a tabloid or two, but when you have lived a life as fabulous as Mariah who would have some excess baggage? And who didn’t love the time she did a sexy photo shoot with Louis Vuitton luggage.

Glitter - Who can have a flop look as fabulous as Mariah’s Glitter? The answer is No One.

Hero - The anthem that kept her at the top of the charts is still a relevant power ballad many have sought comfort in times of needs. Throughout the ups & downs of life, deaths & disasters Mariah has been a humanitarian helping to raise money for causes & honor memories of those no longer with us.

Award Winner - From inception Mariah has been a force to be reckoned with routinely honored by the Billboards, AMAs, GRAMMYs etc.

Butterfly - A Mariah Metaphor which has made her synonomous with a simple of nature, beauty, growth & freedom. Didn’t you just love her Butterfly years?

Mariah Carey Cribs - Her bubble bath moment & in depth tour of her Manhattan penthouse was never surpassed by any other celebrity. Ever.

Demi Babies - Adding mom to her resume seems to be one of her proudest accomplishments as she shares chic photos of her blessed twins. Check out her Mariah Instagram and never miss a cute moment.

Diva - A talent & a personality perhaps only best summarized as Mariah. She is perhaps one of the only artists of our time to have a true command of this title.

Mariah Marries - While her marriage did not last the fabulous photos of her wedding, and annual vow renewals will be forever and we are okay with that because they were all just so fabulous.

The Mariah Cast - When has someone else made an arm injury a fashion statement as chic as Mariah’s costume cast covers. Chic.

Swimwear Selection - When it comes to the queen of glamour a designer evening gown would be the top choice for swimwear. 

The Queen of Christmas - There are few signs of the holidays as unequivocal as hearing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” or seeing Mariah in a Santa Suit.

Mariah Reveals - Over the years Mariah has sat down for many one on one interviews baring all and not holding back. She looks flawless & delivers shade that sounds as elegant & classy as she looks.

Good Morning Mariah - Her endless morning show appearances and summer concerts series have made her a fried to NYC & National Morning Television.

The American Idol - Just when we thought Mariah couldn’t give us more she served as a judge on American Idol, treating us to her expertise, glamour & hilarious personality. Thank you Mariah!