THE LUXE FOR LESS - How to Strategically Shop the Winter Sales

Spring is only a few weeks away. Are you ready to ditch the winter close? While we are all ready to say goodbye to the bulky items in our wardrobe it is also the time to say hello to new styles & savings. This time of year retailers are trying to seduce us with florals, lighter fabrics & the spring palate. Do not overlook the final sales & clearance items that you can tuck away for next year. I even leave the tags on so I really feel like I have something new when it is time to face the winter blues. Here are some pricey winter wardrobe essentials to buy now to free up your budget when the temperatures begin to drop again. 

Scarves. Scarves are the easiest way to add warmth & style to a winter look, but you can drop a lot of money on such a small amount of fabric. This is the time of year to snag a few fabulous scarves. Because you can never have too many, buying them on sale is essential. You can borrow this tip for spring & summer scarves. Use the adage SOS - Scarves On Sale to avoid to paying full price this accessory.

Fur. The fabulous & controversial accessory for winter can complement any look. Whether you pair it with a plain coat or like to with a fine sweater, it is the one accessory you will get stopped & complemented on more than shoes & bags. The real crime regarding fur? Over paying! When spring approaches the prices drop, usually in half, like this Fox Stole at Bergdorf Goodman. This $2,500 stole sounds more like a steal marked down to $1,125.

Boots. A fabulous pair of boots can help anyoneโ€™s stride through the darkest days. The boots themselves are not just high, so are the prices. Embrace the knee high trend while making a great investment in boots this time of year. Plenty of your favorite shoe retailers like Nordstrom will have great styles & brands on sale now, you can expect to save at least 35% in many cases. The best part, you can use that savings to have the boots tailored to your leg to give you that flawless fit. Remember tailoring is everything, even especially for this style of boot.

Coats. Jackets & Coats take a beating shielding us from the outer elements all winter long. I recommend having several in your arsenal that way no one particular piece of outwear becomes outer-worn. Plus this gives you the chance to have different coats for different occasions & will ensure your do not wear it to death. Use this time to find an extra coat on sale OR even buy the same one you bought full price, that way you have a spare or back up for when it does finally become worn out. Keep an eye on the Zara clearance for a great opportunity. 

Cashmere. You can never have too much cashmere. This soft & supple staple is a vital necessity for winter. However, it can also be perfect for spring & even summer. Depending on climate or travels cashmere can come in handy. Breezy beach days, cool coastal yacht nights & glamping excursions are just a few examples of when you might need this luxurious layer. Save over $100 on this Neiman Marcus Cashmere Cardigan. The neutral tones pair well for spring summer or tuck away for winter.