WORST DRESSED - Oscars 2015 Red Carpet

Viola Davis - Viola Davis may be the star of a major ABC but she certainly was a miss on the red carpet in Zac Posen. Overall, the gown read matronly and had too much going on in the front with wing like flaps in skirt. The necklace was a huge mistake as well because it competed with the neckline, sinking underneath the dress. Bad.

Nicole Kidman - This dress is just so basic & cheap looking, but it was Louis Vuitton. It look like she went to a fabric store & wrapped sequins around her like a towel out of the shower. The color was really off, not quite ivory not quite yellow. The red belt was some attempt at design. No this was among the worst. 

Marion Cotillard - This was a pretty dress from the front. Unfortunately Marion you need to look as good coming as you do going, especially when you know we are going to talk about you behind your back. The black band created the dirty diaper effect. Not chic, not flattering, not good. Even Dior makes mistakes.

Scarlett Johansson - This color green is not for your, what was Versace thinking? The necklace was gorgeous also by Versace. In addition to being a bad dress, the pairing of this necklace with this neck line is questionable. Whose idea was that? This necklace would have been great with a dress like Cate Blanchett's high neck line, provided the collar effect. The hair looked bad too.

Jessica Chastain - Usually a favorite on the red carpet, but this Givenchy was just off, which is such a shame as Ricardo Tisci had many hits this season. The is awkward in the breast with the drape revealing a second fabric. It cuts her petit frame in half which isn't good. Also the fabric placement gives her a  mono-boob. The color is great for her, the dress unfortunately not so.

Will.i.am - WTF. If I was in charge I would enforce the dress code & not permit any on the red carpet or into the event that failed to follow suit, literally.

Kiera Knightly - I am sorry Kiera Knightly but this is the Oscars NOT your baby shower. Maybe you have been looking at nursery wallpaper too much in preparation of your arrival, but this is no excuse. Would you believe this is Valentino

Lorelei Linklater - I keeping hearing "oh this was a rookie mistake." I am sorry but she had how many red carpets to get it right? The thing about the Oscars Red Carpet is Lorelei could have been most improved, almost like Rosamund Pike. She could have ended the season on a high note. She is a young actress associated with one of the most hyped movies of the year. Unfortunately, she didn't embrace the young Hollywood card and she really missed and opportunity to gain some fans & momentum and really brand herself. Oh and the dress is Gabriela Cadena if that even matters.

Neil Patrick Harris - This look really pissed me off from Neil. As the host this is your moment. He didn't not coordinate with his husband, David Burtka, because their looks clashed. The grey Brunello Cucinelli tux against the ivory blazer did not work. Also that grey is not the right fit for Neil. It washed him out. He had much more successful options during the awards broadcast. He could have worn David's red carpet look instead. David should have gone simple in all black, this was NOT his night. Really unfortunate.