SEE Inside the UNBELIEVABLE $167,000 Oscars Gift Bag

The Academy of Motion Picture Science is set to honor industry hopefuls with the coveted Oscar this weekend, but some of the losers will actually be winners in a big way. Select nominees are set to score a luxurious gift bag from Distinctive Assets, the company responsible for these coveted consolation presents for the past several years. This year is set to break the 2005 record of $150,000 worth of prizes, because the 2015 gift bag is valued at $167,000 double the value of last years $85,000 gift bag. 

So what are these incredible prizes racking up the record breaking value of this gift bag? Here are some of our favorites.

$20,000 for Enigma Life Astrology Reading - one of the highest valued items, a session with the founder of Enigma Life to discuss each nominee's 2015 horoscope, analyze dreams and teach them mind-control techniques

$14,584 for the Rocky Mountaineer - this luxury rail trip will take the lucky recipient through the Canadian Rockies on a trip of a lifetime.

$5,000 for the Couple’s Love Shot - with the choice of an “orgasm shot” or penis rejuvenation injection, from Dr. Charles Runels

$6,270 Donation from  - 10,000 meal donation of Halo Natural Pet Food to the shelter or rescue of choice. Also included, food for the celebrity’s own pet.

$25,000 for EF+Facto Furniture - received a custom-designed piece of furniture from EF+Facto

$280 for Rouge Maple Syrup

$1,500 for 3 Nights in Tuscany - Three nights at Villa Armena in Tuscany

$14,239 Lifestyle Makeover by Reset Yourself - the “Complete Lifestyle Makeover” from Reset Yourself, includes a kitchen “detox” and an organic cooking session with a master chef.

$4,068 Venture Lipo-Light Package: The Oscar may weigh 8.5lbs so if you hope to win & go home lighter, you will love the Ventura Lipo-Light liposuction and fat reduction package

$39 from Phantom Glass - a luxurious screen protector from Phantom Glass.

$250 for an Afterglow Pulsewave Vibrator

A $1,072 gift voucher for a 7-day retreat from The Golden Door.

An $800 gift certificate to Candy Vixen's custom candy and dessert buffet.

A $1,200 designer bike with an automatic transmission from Martone Cycling.

$5,000 in prints from LA artist Gunner Fox.

A $5,000 family portrait session and a 40" X 50" framed portrait from Lifestyle Photography.

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