The 9 Best Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity Engagement Rings have captivated our attention throughout time, often outshining & outlasting the marriages responsible for their origin. At The Days of the Chic we had to celebrate the best & most unique engagement rings with a look back at some memorable rocks. What is your favorite?

Mariah Carey - Pink Diamonds are among the rarest precious gem stones in the world. The pink hue can fetch a far higher price tag than a white diamond of equal quality & size. So when Mariah Carey was seen showcasing her 10 carat pink diamond engagement ring from Nick Cannon people were puzzled. The ring had an estimated value of $2.5 Million, but he reportedly pay just shy of $500,000. What a deal!

Kim Kardashian - Her Lorraine Schwartz 15 carat engagement ring from Kanye West proves the adage "3rd time is a charm," or at the very least, 3rd time is the best ring. 

Princess Diana - Duchess Kate Middleton famously accepted Princess Diana’s blue sapphire engagement ring when Prince William proposed to her. The ring stars a 12 carat sapphire stone with 14 solitaire diamonds in a halo setting. Consider its association with Princess Diana & Duchess Kate the ring value has soared to an estimated $550,000.

Lady Gaga - Engaged on Valentine's Day & the heart ring seems even more fitting. While specifics have not emerged the ring appears to be about 8 carats and very fine quality. If the stone is an E color and VS1, it would run close to $500,000. It’s a really special stone, it’s extremely difficult to get large heart shapes. It’s very unique for a ring.


Halle Berry - Her husband Olivier Martinez opted for a 4 carat emerald engagement ring. While diamonds still dominate the $21 billion precious stone market, color stones are becoming increasingly popular. While it is rumored that emeralds are more rare & expensive than diamonds,   it is not so cut & dry. A 0.9-carat round, white diamond that’s internally flawless costs about $7,000, according to online retailer Blue Nile. A round emerald with “excellent clarity” of the same size costs about half as much. HOWEVER, gem experts note this is not a standard, emeralds with great color, clarity & carat weight can be out shine diamonds when it comes to price.

Blake Lively - Her  12 carat oval cut diamond engagement ring is allegedly valued at around $2 million. It joins a long list of notable pink diamond engagement rings like Mariah & Jennifer Lopez's 6 carat Harry Winston ring back in 2002. Unlike Lively, Lopez never went through with the nuptials & like a lady gave back the ring!

Heidi Klum - While Klum & Seal's relationship may not have lasted but this incredible 10 carat yellow diamond engagement ring will stand the test of time. The ring was estimated to be a reasonable $150,000.

Beyoncé - Queen Bey truly resembles royalty rocking an incredible & impressive 20 carats from her husband Jay Z. The ring is stated at $5 million. 

Elizabeth Taylor - Her infamous assortment of engagement rings would surely include one of our top picks. Taylor received a 33 carat asher cut D flawless diamond from Richard Burton. Initially, called the Krupp Diamond due to its origin from Germany's Krupp Estate, Elizabeth Taylor became synonymous with this diamond for wearing it everyday. It was sold in 2011 at Christies for $8.8 Million.