Does your beauty regime need the midas touch? Literally? Thanks to Japanese skincare Tatcha, the Akari Gold Massager may be just what you need. 

This gold leafed massage tool has an elegant shape inspired by Japanese acupressure. The massage wand is made from a thermal core layered with 24-karat gold leaf. The Akari Gold Massager is ideal for all skin types and can be used heated or cooled to maximize a variety of skincare benefits. With daily use, this luxury beauty tool can be used to awaken skin, release tension and detox by lymphatic cleansing. And at the very least you will look pretty fancy waving this thing all over your face. It is gold, how bad could that be? Not bad at all, especially if you don't mind the $195 price tag.

The massage wand is 3.5" long with a width of 0.5" at widest part. There are three suggested uses for the Akari Gold Massager on Tatcha’s website. Personally, I believe most beauty or skincare tools need to serve multiple purposes, especially at this price.


Midas isn’t the only one with mythological powers, gold has been reported to offer a number of skin benefits including, treating fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage & inflammation, while stimulating cells & collagen production. It may be worth the price tag after all. 

Check out the massage techniques provides by Tatcha below. Leave a comment if you have used or would use this gild beauty aid.

Used chilled for Asayake Face Massage. Meaning "morning glow" in Japanese, the Asayake Massage uses a chilled Akari Gold Massager to tighten and awaken skin.

1) Glide the massager up along the neck.
2) Move upward from the center of the chin along the jawbone, applying light pressure.
3) Lay the tool against your nose and move outward along the orbital bone.
4) Place the tool above your eyebrow and glide upwards towards the hairline. 
5) Repeat five times on each side of the face, using the broad side.

Used warmed for Yuyake Face Massage. This "evening glow" massage uses a warm massager to release tension and detoxify through lymphatic draining.

1) Begin just above the hairline and move in a back and forth motion on the scalp.
2) Press the massager above the inner corner of the eyebrow & slide outward along the brow, stopping in front of ear.
3) Press tool to the base of the nose and move outward along cheekbone.
4) Place the massager behind the ear and draw down along the jaw and neck to the collarbone.
5) Repeat five times on each side of the face, using the narrow side.

Mezame Eye Massage. Meaning "awakening" in Japanese, the Mezame Eye Massage rejuvenates & refreshes tired eyes.

1) Place the narrow end of the tool at the outer corner of the eye. Applying almost no pressure, slide the massager towards the nose.
2) Place the tool at the inner corner of the eye and, applying a bit more pressure, slide outward along the browline. 
3) Repeat five times on each eye with a cool massager.