10 Worst Dressed at the 2015 Golden Globes

At the 2015 Golden Globes most celebrities played it safe. Not withstanding there were still enough hits & misses to create a list that did not include repeat offender Lena Dunham. This worst dressed list landed many celebs & fashion favorites for laundry list of crimes, proving no one is safe in fashion.


1. Rosamind Pike in Vera Wang. This dress is perfectly nice but was clearly not fit for her. He boobs look totally Gone Girl in this dress. We won't even touch the back of the dress which looked like cheap close line. Maybe she can use it to hang this one out to dry. The case of bad clothes happening to good people. No excuse for this, which makes it all the more worse.

2. Kiera Knightly in Chanel. This proves even Chanel can get it wrong. Not a red carpet dress. She admitted that over 30 people worked to create this dress, and to think it only takes on person to ruin it. It really looked cheap.

3. Melissa McCarthy style by George Kotsi. Well, now we know why George lost his fashion police job. I cannot believe a "professional" did this to her. To me it seems like one of those looks where everyone would be saying "Oh you dressed yourself." In addition to it not being flattering, it has no style. Kris Jenner called and wants her pilgrim look back!

4. Lupita Nyong'o in Giambattista Valli, Don't shoot. Hear me out. The think I cannot stand out this is she think she has immunity on the red carpet after one award season. The dress is arts & crafts. While she did not play it safe like so many, this was not even close to a hit for me.

5.  Amal Alamuddin in Dior. WAIT. I know many will not agree with me here. I know it is Dior and she is a beautiful woman. The dress is perfectly fine, but the gloves? Really are they necessary. Also with the white clutch, it was really off for me. She has to be on the worst dressed list, because if you over salt fine food, you are left with salty food & really who wants to eat that? She should take note, and better look next time Amal. Similar note as Lupita, you are not invincible. No immunity on the red carpet. Ever.

6. Amanda Peet in J.Mendel. I see where this was going and it would not be half bad, if it was her size. Her hair & makeup right, Amanda Peet is a gorgeous lady. She is swimming in this gown.

7. Claire Danes in Valentino. Another big miss with a huge designer. The fit was again the problem here. Watching on TV the mesh panel across the dress was noticeably loose & distracting, which is saying a lot. How could you focus on that mistake when the dress gave you ADD. 

8. Jemima Kirke in Rosie Assoulin. I do not know her or this designer & after this red carpet I think it should stay that way. The fabric looks cheap & poorly made. It looks like she rolled around in the hotel bedding & decided to go to the red carpet in it. A real disaster.

9. Kerry Washington in Mary Katranzou. She definitely did not have this handled, which makes me really upset. Couldn't she had simply borrowed something from the Olivia Pope collection. A second look reveals its not a bad dress, but the color blocking & fabric texture ruin it. Perhaps a solid color would have been better? And those shoes...

10. Lana Del Rey in Vintage Travilla. Everyone is saying the same thing: Prom Dress Hot Mess. That's All.