Starry Night Bicycle Trail Lights Up Netherlands

The Netherlands is not just home to the famed Vincent Van Gogh Museum, it now has bicycle trail created in his honor. A Dutch artist has created an unique & gorgeous tribute acclaimed artist Vincent van Gogh: an illuminated bicycle path that glows at night. The bike path was inspired by his famous “Starry Night” painting. Heijamsn Infrastructure & Daan Roosegaarde collaborated to create the 1 kilometer bike trail in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The illumination for the bicycle trail is provided by a combination of thousands solar powered LED lights & stones with glow in the dark technology.

"I wanted to create a place that people will experience in a special way, the technical combined with experience, that's what techno-poetry means to me," said Roosegaarde in a statement.

The one of a kind bike path is not the first collaborations for Roosegaarde and Heijmans. The innovators teamed up for a series of smart highways, which provide light, energy and road signs that react real time traffic conditions.

The opening of the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path coincides with the commencement the of Van Gogh 2015, a year filled with cultural events being held in the Netherlands, Belgium and France to honor the 125th anniversary of the death of Vincent van Gogh.

The Starry Night inspired road is a portion of a much more expansive Van Gogh Cycle Route in Van Gogh’s home province of North Brabant. The entire route is 208 miles long and split with five individual round trips and connect to several van Gogh heritage sites.