New Super Yacht Is Super Chic

Pritzker Prize winner for Architecture, Zaha Hadid is making waves for her latest project on the sea with the design of five 90-meter yachts. The yachts also represent the most highly anticipated collaboration with master shipbuilders Blohm + Voss.

The chic design of the Yachts is based on the sculptural form of a 128m prototype yacht. The yachts will be engineered by fluid dynamics and underwater ecosystems.

“As a dynamic object that moves in dynamic environments, the design of a yacht must incorporate additional parameters beyond those for architecture – which all become more extreme in water,” reveals Hadid. “Each yacht is an engineered platform that integrates specific hydrodynamic and structural demands together with the highest levels of comfort, spatial quality and safety.”

The striking chic design evokes an exoskeleton of interwoven support that place emphasis on the yachts external structure and appearance.  Additionally, the Hadid's design connects the ship's decks in a more fluid fashion, as opposed to a traditional horizontal form. 

Each of the five yachts will stay true to Hadid’s design vision and Blohm + Voss’ technical specifications, but will be fully customizable to the very fortunate owners. Jazz is the first of the five yachts to go into detailed planning & specification. The owner of the yacht is expected to specify the layout and other individual requests, making it truly one of a kind.

“The idea of the Unique Circle Yachts allows for variation of a genotype and its phenotypes, offering a range of possible solutions,” said Dr. Herbert Aly, CEO of Blohm + Voss. “Zaha Hadid’s design is malleable to suit the very individual wishes and needs of a potential customer. The strength of the design lies not just in its functionality and form, but also its effortless adaptability.”

The yachts are for the Chic & Speedy or Fast & Fashionable with  a maximum speed of 16.0 knots.