Bobby has always had a taste for the simple elegance that adds a touch of sparkle to everyday living. As a notable hotelier, he merges a refined style with a passion for hospitality & travel. Bobby combines his experience in travel & luxury lifestyle public relations as well as his extensive personal travel experience into a one of a kind travel & hotel experience at his boutique hotel, Clarendon Square in Boston. He is also partners in a hotel project in NYC.

A purveyor of pop culture, Bobby's discernible eye sifts through the latest trends to establish new standards of chic living among taste makers, celebrities & civilians alike, while still honoring timeless elegance & style. Seeking inspiration in both classic & contemporary lifestyles adds balance & diversity to his canon of chic.

Catch Bobby in New York, Los Angeles, Boston. To learn more about Bobby visit his website & follow him on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. He would love to hear from you. Say hello!


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Our commitment is unyielding: to make chic living approachable, accessible, attainable even when highly aspirational.

The Days of the Chic offers exceptional coverage tailored to the most discerning jetsetters, fashionphiles & trendsetters. Our experts & contributors are thought leaders and industry experts, promising to deliver cutting edge news & intel whether it is civilian chic or celebrity based. Embracing an interactive media platform, The Days of the Chic engages its audience through frequently posted, original content, social media and a soon to launch YouTube channel. 

Highlighting topics with professional advice & expert tips, The Days of The Chic keeps the pulse on all things Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty, Luxury, Celebrities and more. Please connect with The Days of the Chic on your favorite social media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The Days of The Chic is founded by Bobby Ciletti in 2014. He loves to hear from & interact with those sharing a passion for all things Chic. The Days of the Chic is based in New York, Los Angeles & Boston and in the minds & hearts of everyone chic.